A new survey by Dreams, Britain’s biggest bed and bedroom retailer, found that 40% of parents worry that their children won’t get enough sleep at university, with mothers more likely to worry than fathers.

This comes after Dreams discovered that almost half of Brits wake up tired, which is a real risk when combining the stress of revision, assignments, lectures and deadlines with the struggle to pay the bills and to make it on your own for the first time in the real world.

Perhaps surprisingly, most parents think that their children wake at 8am, and despite common stereotypes, less than 1% of respondents said that they lie in until the afternoon with most students indeed rising before 9am. The survey also found that boys go to bed and get up earlier than girls, with almost a quarter of female students climbing underneath the sheets after midnight.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential at exam time, where a lack of sleep can affect students’ attention span and stop them from focusing properly in the examination hall. The most critical element is the mattress – university accommodation is designed to cater to quantity, rather than quality, which can often lead to students sleeping badly on second or third hand mattresses.

The problem is so rife that over a third of parents opted to buy their child a new bed when they moved to university accommodation, 44% of parents also purchased new bedding.

Dreams’ CEO, Nick Worthington points out:“Replacing an old mattress with one that will provide both comfort and posture support is a really good investment. At Dreams we have over 25 years of experience in matching mattresses to customers of all ages – and as one of the UK’s largest bed manufacturers, we really understand how the structure of the different types of mattress suit different needs.”

Dreams, Britain’s biggest bed and bedroom retailer, is the place to go for a wide range of divan beds and mattresses, offering everything from traditional open spring and pocket spring to high-tech memory foam and latex.  All Dreams’ sales consultants go through the company’s own training academy before even stepping foot in-store, so expert advice and guidance is always on hand.

Dreams knows a thing or two about sleep, and it also understands that today’s students are tomorrow’s future. It recommends that students have a bedtime routine, including cutting down on caffeine and not eating large meals before bedtime. It’s also important to avoid too much mental stimulation before bed, so getting assignments and revision done in the daytime or early evening will help tired students to get a good night’s sleep.


Notes to editors:

  • Dreams is the UK’s foremost bed specialist, with over 275 bed superstores nationwide
  • Over 25 years experience offering everything for a great night’s sleep 
  • Dreams extensive ranges combine the very latest in sleep technology with exclusive styles and designs to offer Britain’s largest choice of beds
  • Dreams has its own bed factory right here in the UK and is now one of the country’s largest manufacturers of beds and mattresses

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