Ruma Salons

Support Ruma Salons in the launch of a new hair and beauty salon in Southampton.

Social media set-up, strategy and management

The Challenge

Support Ruma Salons in the launch of a new hair and beauty salon in Southampton, raise awareness of the launch, set up and manage social channels and achieve desire to visit Ruma as a 'beauty destination' within the local area and for those visiting the region.

The Solution

It was our priority to understand Ruma's target audiences based on the brief and our own insights and research. We categorised this into clients, media and bloggers, local businesses and future Ruma therapists and stylists.

Nobull secured and set up Ruma Salons on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

We also set up geo-targeted Facebook ads, as well as creating social media content around Ruma products such as Murad and Soprano Ice. We encouraged a tag campaign titled #RumaHasIt – this was successful in creating a buzz and allowing clients to involve themselves on Ruma's social channels.

We identified media outlets we felt were suitable and relevant for Ruma Salons, including print and online publications, and radio stations in the local area. We created written material, imagery and expertise to send to key media outlets within the area and liaised with journalists during the build-up of the launch.

We also supported Ruma Salons in the lead up to the launch by interacting with local beauty and lifestyle bloggers who we felt were the perfect demographic for Ruma. With these bloggers we liaised with them regularly over the course of one month, ensuring they were following all social channels to keep them updated on the launch. While building relationships with these bloggers we felt necessary to organise a Blogger Event where all the bloggers were invited to Ruma for an exclusive visit, prior to opening day. Here they received free treatments and got a feel for the salon, throughout the event we engaged with live social media interactions from the bloggers.

We then handed social media back to the client, with a half-day training session with Nobull's Social Media Manager, to ensure continuation of success.

The Results

The Nobull team achieved extensive reach on Ruma Salons social channels, including increasing followers and engagement with bloggers and journalists.

From September-November 2015 we achieved: Coverage in Southern Daily Echo, Hampshire

Life Magazine and Radio Breeze Radio Station with journalists who matched our demographic perfectly – women in their 40's who lived in the local area and reviewed the salon with target audiences in mind

Eight bloggers confirming attendance to a blogger event at the salon (overall reach of 287,000):

o Annie Writes Beauty

o Cosmetics Case

o Perks of Being Ami

o Charlotte's Life

o Life Love Lexie

o The Life of JKS

o Made From Beauty

o Amzy in Wonderland

On Twitter, we reached 8,919 accounts and had 554 direct profile visits. The unique impressions totalled 16,681 (amount of accounts it had the potential to reach). 74% of the followers were female, which reflected our research and target audience in the beginning.

On Facebook, we reached 10,278 people throughout the campaign. 92% of likes were from female fans between the ages of 25-34, which again reflected our target audience.