Raising awareness

How we launched first treatment for Molluscum contagiosum in the UK

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The Challenge

To educate consumers, GPs and pharmacists about the launch of MolluDab, a topical treatment for Molluscum contagiosum (MC).

The main challenge with this brief was reaching GPs and pharmacists and challenging the traditional perception that leaving the condition untreated was best.

The Solution

We set up and managed Facebook and Twitter sites as platforms to share information and also recruit patient advocates to start spreading the word about Molludab and case studies to use for further communications activity. A lot of our social media work was monitoring conversations on Molluscum contagiosum and offering consumers engaged in these conversations a solution.

Although Molluscum contagiosum can be caught at any age it is most prevalent in younger children so our target audience was predominantly mums and dads.

Once we had some case studies available we launched a short media and blogger outreach programme and also began to recruit guest bloggers (HCPs, parents and other experts) to help us educate and inform both the medical profession and consumers about MC.

Both our consumer and media communications was strengthened by the design of an easy to digest and understand infographic which sat on MolluDab's website and was shared via social channels and pres and blogger material.

We also liaised with patient support groups, medical associations and media medics as part of our GP education programme.

The Results

  • Facebook – we set-up and managed the Facebook page for the client as a hub for news sharing and also recruiting case studies, we recruited 3 case study subject via this channel as well as securing steady week on week growth of page 'likes'. We used both paid and organic content during our campaign, the best performing paid content reached over 32k people and achieved 169 likes
  • Twitter - we set-up and managed MolluDab's Twitter account. The main purpose of Twitter for us was to monitor conversations on Molluscum contagiosum and engage with parents and parenting bloggers. Twitter was a very successful platform for opening conversations. We also engaged with a number of pharmacists via Twitter
  • Patient advocates/ Case studies - recruited six case study subjects and engaged with numerous patient advocates via social media channels
  • Media coverage – we achieved media coverage for the product launch in a number of medical trade publications as well as two page feature in the Daily Mail, which was replicated on the Mail Online. The total PR value of the press coverage was over £130,000
  • Web traffic & sales increase – 200% increase in traffic to the MolluDab website following Daily Mail/ Mail online article. Sales of MolluDab also increased greatly in the week following the article's publication
  • Associations – we contacted relevant associations with information on MolluDab to educate and grow awareness amongst the medical profession with a cost effective and blanket approach, provided them with information and explored collaborative opportunities, such as event sponsorship
  • HCPs & media medics feedback and guest blogger recruitment – We educated key media medics and GPs and also worked with a number as guest bloggers for the MolluDab blog that we launched