Passion for Natural

Design, build and launch a brand new bespoke website in only six weeks

SEO and digital support Website or marketing material design and copy

The Challenge

As part of our wider campaign to raise the profile of Passion for Natural, a recently launched skincare range, Nobull were asked to design, build and launch a new consumer facing website.

The Solution

As Passion for Natural didn't have a current website, they were only visible online through their stockists. This meant we had to get creative in order to get a picture of how users were interacting with the brand online.

Using social channels, and broad web analytics we built up a profile of what content potential customers were searching for and engaging with online. We channelled this into the early design work of the website in order to develop a site layout that would better serve Passion for Natural's customers.

Still keeping the products at its core, we created support content that would help to channel searchers unfamiliar with the brand onto the website.

The Results

  • Fully bespoke design, build and launch within six weeks
  • The site saw visitors straight away, ranking on Google within a week
  • Daily visits grew from 14 a day at launch to 54 within a month