Going virtual with our events!

With our history of producing engaging and interactive live events, we utilised our experience and developed a new way of delivering these virtually with platform and production partners, recognising the importance of quality broadcast, content and branding, as well as focusing on the needs and wants of the audience. We use the same approach, just a different way of delivering...

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CliniMed webinar: Everything you want to know about parastomal hernias

Nobull originally approached CliniMed to create a live Q&A event around parastomal hernia prevention and management. CliniMed recognised that it is an area that Ostomates need more support on in terms of access to specialist advice and care. The aim of the original event was to invite patients to interact with an expert panel, provided by CliniMed, which produces a range of stoma care products, including Aura Profile, specifically designed for ostomates with parastomal hernias.

With the arrival of Covid-19 the format for the event suddenly needed to change.

The challenge was to retain the up close and personal feel of our original concept, taking into account the sensitivity of our subject matter. Our final choice of panel members helped immeasurably.

Acclaimed blogger Sam Cleasby and Bob Smith-Thomas, both ostomates who had personal experience of developing hernias, were joined by ITV This Morning’s Pilates teacher, Jo Tuffrey who has produced a Pilates video to help ostomates prevent hernias. Also, on the panel was a stoma nurse, and product specialist.

The Result

We captured a very engaging panel discussion and Q&A using GotoWebinar, where the panel guests were joined by a very involved audience of 150. Each had registered for the event and had been given the opportunity to pre-submit questions beforehand.

Questions and personal stories helped drive an interesting and informative discussion and the full Q&A was posted to CliniMed’s social channels after the event. We also created a dedicated webpage where we embedded a link to the recording of the webinar and to Jo’s Pilates film.

While real life discussion rather than CliniMed product was the request focus for our virtual event, we made sure product information was easily available in the form of social media links and a review from Sam Cleasby on her acclaimed So Bad Ass blog.




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