EFM Global

Having just been appointed to support EFM's in-house marketing team and with just two weeks to go, Nobull was briefed. The stand was booked and the dates confirmed, however the rest was up to us.

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The Challenge

EFM Global is familiar to working under pressure and to deadline. As one of the leading freight forwarding companies in the world, EFM works with some of the most demanding and discerning clients around the world, around the clock. Its approach is second to none, and customers are always put first – which presented an interesting challenge when it came to showcasing EFM at one of the biggest industry events in the UK.

The Multimodal show is the UK and Ireland's leading freight transport and logistics exhibition, the meeting place for freight buyers and logistics suppliers. In 2015, 290 exhibitors supported the show with a record-breaking attendance of over 8,500 supply chain executives. EFM Global had to do more than just be there, it had to stand out from the crowd.

Having just been appointed to support EFM's in-house marketing team and with just two weeks to go, Nobull was briefed. The stand was booked and the dates confirmed, however the rest was up to us.

The Solution

Step forward the Nobull 'Power Team'. Handpicked for their relevant experience, approach, determination, contacts and organisational skills, the team was hands on from day one, so EFM could concentrate on its number one priority; its customers.

Trusted to deliver, Nobull handled everything needed to turn a blank four-wall shell into a snapshot showcase of EFM. The five-man team, which included a dedicated design resource and retained event stand producer, were immediately briefed by the lead. With each member clear on the final goal, every member worked tirelessly to deliver and sought to add value and further EFM's stand from the ordinary.

Initially, the team created a digital mock of the stand, including an initial concept of stand design, sourcing artwork to bring this to life and drafting content to share the key messages of EFM. With sign off from the client, every element was refined until a final version was ready to go to production. It was essential that the many facets of the EFM business, and range of specialist services, were explained with strong visuals and engaging words. The focus was to tell the story of this industry leading company using the 1,000 word philosophy – so the design took the form of a 3D suspended 'art' gallery, with 16 carefully selected images, each with its own unique story to tell, which the team could bring to life, taking the place of a formulaic presentation on a screen. The idea was to encourage interaction on the stand. This also reflected one area of EFM's expertise – 'nail to nail' – transporting priceless art and artefacts around the world.

Where others projected their brand, EFM projected messages, examples of their work and the high standards the company delivers. It was a talking point, an ice breaker, the conversation starter that drew people onto the stand for the duration of the three day show.

With the stand in production, Nobull delivered the details which set us out from the rest. A call to action activated data capture; daily competitions with prizes were delivered and direct liaison with show organisers maximised visibility offline while a dedicated social media calendar brought EFM's online presence to life.

The Results

With Nobull handling the entire project from concept to delivery, the client was able to arrive just in time for the show. At 09:30am on the first day of the show, just 30 minutes ahead of show opening, they were greeted by two members of the production team and a complete stand ready to go.

The stand was fully built, prepped, stocked and organised ahead of their arrival. With every loose end tied off, the only thing left for EFM to do was grab a coffee ready to greet show visitors onto their stand.

The stand was noted to be of outstanding quality in terms of both build and design by EFM as well as other exhibitors and really stood out in the crowded market place. And to make sure no-one was missed when visiting the stand, Nobull organised for handheld scanners for each member of the team, with all the data delivered back to the client digitally, so nothing was left behind or to chance.

Social media content went live throughout the three-day show and was even shared by the show organisers, furthering EFM's reach and share of voice in a crowded, noisy market place. After three days, EFM could walk away safe in the knowledge that Nobull would handle the rest.