Cropredy Bridge

Boosting social media to position Cropredy Bridge as 'the original home of Jensen cars'

Discovery audits Social media set-up, strategy and management Website or marketing material design and copy

The Challenge

Brief (headline objective followed by intro story):

Cropredy Bridge already had existing social media channels in place with a small amount of followers on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Nobull were tasked by the client to implement a two month boost campaign, following a new investment in the business, to develop and expand Cropredy Bridge's online status as 'the original home of Jensen cars' for luxury restoration of these iconic cars.

  • Revive the cult status of Jensen
  • Reach a new audience by positioning Cropredy Bridge in their lifestyle

The Solution

  • We took ownership of the @CropredyBridge twitter page as well as its Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube channels – we undertook a new design overhaul to reflect the status of the brand
  • We increased followers, fans and reach through active following, posting a variety of content, joining and starting conversations and attending automotive social media events

The Results

  • Increased Twitter followers by 245%
  • Increased Facebook followers by 751%
  • 55,068 people reached on Facebook
  • Twitter: Then: 212 Now: 814 followers
  • Facebook: Then: 63 Now: 1,280 likes