A Life More Ordinary filmed content project

How we created engaging, inspiring and informative filmed content for Opus Healthcare for patients who have stoma bags.

Media relations campaigns

The Challenge

To bring the Opus products to life in order to demonstrate how to use them and incorporate educational and supportive advice from real life ostomates.

The Solution

Opus products are accessories for patients with stoma bags. Many people choose Opus Healthcare products to help them maintain healthy skin and manage their stoma. The products help to ensure the skin around patients' stomas stay healthy and they remain confident in their daily activities.

While we wanted to produce educational films to show, in an easy to understand way, how to use the Opus product range we also felt it was important to add some humour, advice and support for those living with conditions that meant they had ostomy bags.

Having managed Opus' social media channels for over two years and met some fantastic and inspirational ostomates along the way, we decided to recruit some of the best to appear in our films. Our strategy has always been to offer more than just products, to be a go-to brand within the therapy area for expertise, advice, support and community.

We decided to film the series in a serviced apartment in Birmingham – this was central for all parties involved in the project. The aim was to make the location as relaxed and homely as possible. We wanted to place our ostomates in real life situations eg. changing their stoma bags in the bathroom, chatting with friends in the kitchen, and talking about their experiences sat on comfy sofas.

The shoot took a day, we followed our comprehensive day plan and worked with a fantastic crew from Once Upon a Pixel who had been very open to our creative ideas and vision.

The Results

We have produced 16 videos for the "A Life More Ordinary" series: four films introducing our ostomates in order to present them as people that patients could relate to. Four product demonstrations, showing firsthand how to use the products with a stoma, how to apply and top tips on looking after stoma bags. We also produced seven short films of the ostomates chatting in an ordinary setting about various topics – offering advice and anecdotes.






We launched the series on Opus’ YouTube channel and have been sharing the films via the company’s social media channels. In addition the ostomates who appeared in the films have also been supporting on their social channels and sharing with their fans and followers, this has all helped us achieve a fantastic reach. The sales team at Opus have also been encouraging stoma nurses and HCPs to share the filmed content with their patients.