Nobull Tech

Our unique approach incorporates top level expertise and experience to the power of three. Leading our team is an automotive ex-journalist, a tech-fluent PR consultant and a dynamic creative ‘human’ strategist, who have together clocked up over 60 years’ experience servicing automotive, transport, motor sport and telecomms tech clients.

About Us

With all angles covered, Nobull Tech takes innovation and translates it, creating a competitive advantage for clients via a multi-platform marketing approach, incorporating PR, social media, digital and experiential.

Our full-service proposition is boosted by strong relationships with the tech media, key industry influencers and journalists.

Tech Blog

Don’t get tyred of new car tyre technology

Don’t get tyred of new car tyre technology

Everybody has been guilty of taking their tyres for granted at some time in their motoring career, whether its running them at the wrong pressure, or unintentionally driving when the tread depth is beyond the legal minimum.

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Praise the lord for 4G connectivity

Praise the lord for 4G connectivity

Only a few weeks ago we were bemoaning the state of 4G connectivity in the UK, I never expected that divine intervention in such matters would be quite so fast. It would seem that following a meeting late last year the UK government, (the one we gave a bit of a telling off about mobile blackspots and not-spots), has signed a deal with the Church of England that will allow the mobile network providers to install network antennas in church spires across the country.

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Humanising tech

We start by understanding a client’s real business challenges and their perceived competitive advantage of the technology.

Then we take a deep dive into target audience sectors to gauge their individual needs. We convert these insights into messaging for customers, prospects and the media, combining ‘what they want to hear’ with ‘what you want to say’.

Our Services

We offer a range of services, providing you with a pick and mix selection of options, each chosen for their effectiveness at delivering the right results within the budget available.

  • PR/media relations for B2B, investor and consumer audiences
  • Social media and digital – strategy and activation
  • Content generation - copywriting, photography, filming and infographics
  • Events and experiential for media, customers and prospects
  • Government Relations
  • CRM including crisis management both on and offline
  • ECRM
  • Broadcast – campaign activation via TV and radio

Identifying the Influencers

Our experience has given us access to many of those essential movers and shakers whose influence can help bring your technology to life and reach your target audience.

  • Government leaders, representatives and organisations
  • Industry influencers
  • Specialist stakeholders within the industry
  • VIPs and celebs
  • Consumers

Previous Campaign Success

  • Driving 200 launch sales of the original Nissan LEAF EV (Nobull Comms)
  • Generating orders and enquiries for Tevva’s new electric 7.5 tonne truck and Clean Air Power's gas
  • Truck conversion (Nobull Comms)
  • Global 220 million+ circulation from one EV tech launch press release (market engineering)
  • Connected Car press briefing hits global auto B2B titles & FT, Bloomberg and BBC World Service
  • Generating leads for Olive Comms through class leading content creation (Nobull Comms)