My Work Experience by Chris Leonard

My Work Experience by Chris Leonard

During a Monday morning registration, my Year 12 classmates and I learnt that we were to find ourselves work experience placements for the week. Quickly the scramble and stressful planning to find a placement was underway. I found myself a placement at Nobull Comms, and once I was told ‘you’ll find our work place to be rather unique’, I couldn’t wait to start!

On my first day, a huge amount of nerves overcame me as I stepped into the Nobull office, but once I heard the excitable “hello!” of Anne-Marie I instantly felt at ease.

Straight away I felt the buzz and positive atmosphere of the office, and noted the constant offering of cake and hot drinks. I was told that although I was declining the cake, it wouldn’t take me long before I’d be eating the cake offered. They were right!

While some work experience placements might put students out of sight and give them dull tasks, I was surprised (and pleased) to be thrown straight in the deep end at Nobull. I was given plenty of tasks to keep me busy for the week.

I enjoyed doing an incredibly varied range of tasks over the week, from shooting images for Instagram to organising an inventory check and producing new business research. The range of tasks certainly kept me on my toes and I’ve found that I’ve developed multiple skills during my time at Nobull. The range of tasks also very clearly reflects the team’s ability, as they are all incredible at what they do and have a vast range of skills between them.

The team all made me feel so welcome, which helped me settle in so I could enjoy the rest of week. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, from Jay taking me out during the lunch hour, to simply little things such as Kally going out of her way to find me a charger for my laptop. It really isn’t hard to see why the atmosphere was so positive, as it was filled with such a cheerful team.

After speaking to my friends and comparing each other’s work experience weeks, they’ve all said how bored they’ve been and how little they were doing. I felt the exact opposite of that! I’ve loved my time with Nobull so much, that in fact I’m a bit reluctant to leave and go back to school.

Thank you Nobull!