Embracing Facebook Donate and its capabilities

Embracing Facebook Donate and its capabilities

I joined Nobull from a national health charity in 2014 and I am a Trustee of a homeless charity in the Royal Borough, so the third sector and supporting it is always front of mind when it comes to social media campaigns.

So when I heard the news that Facebook is to introduce tools to enable its members in the UK and Europe to donate directly to selected charities, I was delighted. People want the ease of being able to donate directly, but also want to feel it’s a legitimate way to donate. That’s why JustGiving has done so well, but with millions of people using Facebook in their everyday lives, it makes sense for the channel to act as a simple way to do something good for others. That’s what Facebook stands for after all – connecting people.

Charities are now able to raise funds and awareness on Facebook, making it easier for the community to raise money on Facebook. Nonprofits can raise money directly from their page with Facebook’s “donate” button. It’s a new, quick way for people who trust Facebook to donate without having to leave and be directed to a third party.

With brands utilising Facebook now more than ever, it’s a savvy move that makes perfect sense. Charities can add buttons to the page, but also and more importantly, their posts, making it easy for supporters to contribute in a few taps.

Even more importantly, is the ability for fundraisers to now set up pages to share their story, and tell others bout their mission. They can link it to a charity of their choice, and become advocates of the charity by raising awareness and money in their own personal way.

To increase reach and engagement, Facebook encourage anyone who has donated to share and invite their friends, encouraging more donations.

Supporters can also now engage with Facebook Live, and donate whilst they watch.

The catch? There isn’t one! Facebook gives 100% of the donations to the charity. No fee either.

So make sure you sign up today!