Dani Travels - Seville, Spain

Dani Travels - Seville, Spain

Hi folks, this #TravelTuesday will feature my most recent weekend break to Seville, the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region, that we visited from 2nd-5th November. It’s just been named as Lonely Planet’s best city to travel to in 2018, so we must have got something right when we chose it!

Every year, my friends that I met at university, always plan to get together for some kind of getaway. Last year it was Valencia (I highly recommend it)! And this year, a little later than we hoped, we decided on Seville. (Southern enough to still be relatively warm)!

Once again, we flew from Stansted in the early hours and once again, we had a Ryanair flight. They get a lot of bad press for obvious reasons, but I was pleasantly surprised with the service, the flight itself and the lack of delays. We landed in Seville smoothly just three hours later.

On arrival, it unfortunately felt like we’d landed right back in the UK. The weather was in its 30s just the week before, but we landed in a very rainy Seville at just 21 degrees.

We stayed in a villa twenty minutes out of the city. A villa that our group renamed the ‘love island villa’ because it was ridiculously extravagant and too big for just the 8 of us. It could have slept double that and there’d still be plenty of room.

The first day was spent relaxing, having a few drinks and catching up to make the most of the villa’s space. We enjoyed an amazing BBQ once the rain had cleared (thanks Dar) and then ventured out to the side streets of Seville, with people littering out on to the small cobbled streets from various bars in good spirits. We enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Staying true to Spain, we didn’t actually go out until after midnight, as the bars don’t even get busy until gone 2am! It’s definitely a very different culture to London, where most things are closed by this time. We ended our night in a great night club at around 5am (name has been forgotten – apologies! But there are plenty of good ones to choose from).

One thing we all noticed quite quickly in Seville, is that the English language is rarely used. In bars, supermarkets and restaurants, it was rare for someone to speak good English, or any English at all. So make sure you have your translation books handy. Luckily we had our friend Jamie who can speak it much better than the rest of us.

Saturday (albeit a little hungover) was a day dedicated to some hardcore sightseeing. And to top it off – the sun was out! The options to see the city are endless. As tempted as we were by a Segway tour, we however chose a more whimsical yet traditional approach and viewed the city on horse and carriage.

The ancient cathedral tower was spectacular. The architecture and gothic style really made it the centre point of the city – the one thing you would find hard to ignore. Even more spectacular was the Plaza de Espana, built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, a world fair that aimed to strengthen connections between Spain and other countries. The complex has its own system of mini-canals and bridges. We didn’t have time to see inside but it looked amazing from our horse & carriage view!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon eating local ice cream and exploring the cobbled narrow streets, full of tapas, bars and shops.

Saturday night was our friend’s birthday, that we spent at a wonderful tapas restaurant called Vineria San Telmo. What I loved about it was its simplicity and unpretentiousness. We sat outside with outdoor heating, in a well located part of the city with the most fabulous food and wine list we had seen. The waiter even laughed and told us to stop ordering so much food, as we wanted to try every tapas item on the menu! The best? Their steak… oh and the squid ink pasta with grilled scallops. We then ended up in a club called Groucho’s, owned by the owner of our villa! It was a great Spanish club playing Despacito as soon as we walked in so we couldn’t be happier.

Last, but oh certainly not least, was our Sunday trip to the Metropol Parasol, on the sunniest day of our trip so far. Located at La Encarnacion Square in Seville’s Old City District, the Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world. It features six large umbrella shaped structures (the mushrooms) and is designed as a giant sunshade! Lifts run up from the basement to the top where we enjoyed incredible city views along the winding walkway.

Overall, Seville was the perfect weekend getaway. I’d definitely go back because I felt there was so much more to see, and so much more to eat!!!