Autumn Nesting

Autumn Nesting

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”, so said Emily Bronte. And I couldn’t agree more. As sun worshippers mourn the passing of summer (and hasn’t it been fabulous?), I’ve already unpacked last year’s cosy jumpers. One glance out over the tree lined, picture-perfect park surrounding Nobull Comms HQ confirms that autumn is on its way. The trees have begun their kaleidoscopic transformation and I, for one, couldn’t be happier!

Not only does autumn time provide a stunningly gorgeous visual feast for the eyes, it signals the start of my nesting season. Like thousands of other home bunnies across the country, I become a dab hand at snuggling up, as the temperature drops, and the nights draw in.But there’s some prep involved first, and I’ve already started. Having exiled my shorts and summer dresses to the loft, I’ve re-stocked my winter skincare with some Skin Doctors Age-Defying Power Oil to combat the complexion battering effects of wintry weather and central heating.

Having clients like Skin Doctors, SEBO and TINCTURE London on the Nobull roll call is undoubtedly an enormous advantage when it comes to autumnal nesting. I’ve big time fallen for the office SEBO vacuum (which is so in demand, we’re sharing it on a little rota system). Thanks to the in-built suction power boost (house proud readers head to the SEBO website to find out more), my carpets and floors were spruced up and revitalised in a matter of minutes. Next weekend’s job is a thorough clean and polish with TINCTURE’s all-natural products, which shift all dust and dirt, leaving a haze of fresh, botanical scent in their wake. I can’t wait. Is that sad?

Once my cosy scene is set, it’ll be out with the cottons and in with the chenille, faux fur, velvet and suede. Texture is one of the easiest ways to update your home for autumn and I discovered a long time ago that you can easily pick up a snuggly throw or extra cushion, without breaking the bank.

Candles are another quick cosy fix. Ones that smell amazing are the best. Feu de Bois by Diptyque is the deliciously smoky scent I’ve got on my wish list and little tea lights or battery-operated fairy lights work a treat at bath time (fluffy towels heated on the radiator a must, of course.)

Looking out now, the wind’s blowing, and more leaves are falling. Autumn has landed.

Hibernation, here I come.