A New Chapter...

A New Chapter...

This month I started my new position with Nobull Communications as Content Manager, and I was asked to share my initial impressions but first, let me introduce myself and where I have come from.

Over the past six years I have tasted many areas of marketing, developing my palate within Social & Content specifically. I’ve worked agency side for the past four years, working with some of the biggest brands such as BMW Group and PlayStation UK. Like many before me who have experienced agency life, there can be an overarching low point in the shape of redundancy. This was my first experience of redundancy but rather than retreating and waving the white flag, I took the stance of opportunity. For me, it was one step back to take two steps forward.

It’s easy to beat yourself up and allow negative thoughts to slip in during a time of redundancy so for anyone reading this that has or is about to experience a similar situation allow me to pass on some tip’s others have given me that really helped me:

  • Don’t panic and plot your strategy: you find yourself in the unfamiliar position of uncertainty; It’s common for people to either rush into a flurry of activity or be like a rabbit caught in headlights when they get made redundant. Avoid either fate by keeping calm and making a list of all the things you need to arrange in the months ahead and then list them in priority order. This might include legal and financial arrangements, outplacement support, contact numbers for networking meetings etc. Plotting sounds like you have a degree of control as to what you will do.
  • Give yourself a break: remember it’s not you who is redundant, it’s your role. Do not be too hard on yourself for the situation you now find yourself in. Don’t be ashamed of how much it hurts either. I met with people who couldn’t have been more negative about my industry environment and those who were brimming with optimism. I stuck to the optimists; any other conversation would leave me spinning. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect and evaluate where you currently are and where you want to be moving forward.
  • Do not isolate yourself and find a wingman: this is perhaps the most important point I will discuss as you often find the person with the most free time is the busiest mentally. It’s important to keep engaged with your internal network (family, friends, ex co-workers) but it’s as important to talk to people who are going through the same thing as you. Chances are, you won’t be the only one in this position. My wingman and I helped each other prep for interviews, or when we needed a second opinion on a role or a recruitment company.
  • Use your external network: you sometimes forget the connections you have made throughout your career thus far and tend to think you are alone in this. This may surprise you, but your connections will empathise with your situation and will be willing to help wherever they can. Chances are they are in a different company themselves and may be able to pass on your portfolio or CV to hiring teams within their current company. It’s good to approach your external network; I obtained a few interviews this way, and even if they don’t lead to an offer its valuable experience.
  • Make sure you take something from the experience: What have I learned from these past three months? I’ve learned to take things slower – I’ve spent hours laying on the grass or sitting on benches around London and the home counties between interviews just watching the world go by. I’ve also learned that work should not define me but simply help mould me as a person. And, finally, that a positive mental attitude goes a long way. All things that will stay with me as I embark on my next adventure – my role with Nobull Communications that wouldn’t be mine, if it wasn’t for all that has happened.

I have been made to feel very welcome by the team here at Nobull and I am looking forward to expanding both my B2B knowledge and working with clients and within industries I have not before such as Autorola UK, Pharmacare Europe and Malmaison Hotels/Hotel du Vin within Auto, Health & Wellbeing and Travel. I have already contributed to idea sessions, new business pitches and content plans, it feels good to be back.

It may have sounded cliché, but this really is a new chapter for me and I can’t wait to get my feet comfortably under the table. To those experiencing redundancy, try and see it as an opportunity to seek out a new adventure.

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