“Hello Nobull!"

Nobull is the daily destination for a team of talented and dynamic creatives who transform awesome ideas into commercial success. The windows are big, the mood's never stuffy and the energy's contagious. It's fresh, fun, fearlessly authentic and fuelled by hard work, commitment and powerful positivity. Perfectly formed, it's made up of people who really like each other. Challenges are huge, the rewards colossal and we never run out of tea.

NOW Recruiting:
Senior Account Executive £20 - 25k

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Meet our latest recruit

The cliché does say that time flies when you're having fun, right? I've been at Nobull for just over a year and it's flown at turbo speed. Two days are yet to be the same. One minute I'll be writing a press release and organising press trips, then it's off to check out a client's new season collection. When friends and family ask what I do, I struggle to cover all bases. " I PR things", is what I usually say. "And it's brilliant!"

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- - Celebrating success - -

Blogger of the Month

Wordsmith extraordinaire. Storyteller. Office laureate.

Triumph of the Month

Moment of supreme success. Spectacle of brilliance. Particularly outstanding outcome.

Employee of the Month

Dazzling individual of exceptional talent. Over achiever. The Chosen One.

Employee of the Year

Teacher’s pet. Goal scorer. The Golden Child.

Nobull Birthday Policy

If it’s your birthday, don’t feel you have to come in... Unless you need cake.

The Perks

  • £1000 tax-free for the Nobull Employee Of The Year
  • Gifts aplenty when rewards are due
  • Coveted trophies
  • Free monthly sessions with our in-house wellbeing therapist
  • Free use of Spotify (if you can get to it first)
  • Complimentary birthday present and cake (plus optional day off)
  • Impressively diverse range of free tea and treats
  • Bubbles on Fridays
  • Lunch hour in cool bistro-style setting
  • Dishwasher (means no washing up)
  • Soul-soothing views
  • Walks in the park

What the team say about Nobull..

We Are Recruiting

Nobull is a busy and lively PR, events and social media agency in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire. We are often looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our fun and friendly team!

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NOW Recruiting:
Senior Account Executive £20 - 25k

Find out more here